A ScotRail Adventure

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Here is the story of my journey from Balloch to Oban on ScotRail. It has not gone as planned. If it had, I would have arrived in Oban about two hours ago. Instead, I will get there about three hours … Continued

My free day in Balloch

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Today was the sixth day of my Scotland adventure, and my first completely free day. It was also the first sunny day of my trip. I was happy to spend the day enjoying Balloch and hiking in the hills outside … Continued

Glasgow Wrap-Up

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I’m starting this post on the morning of my last day in Glasgow. Later this afternoon I will move on to my next destination on my month-long Scotland adventure. I will finish this post when I get there. I still … Continued

Getting to Glasgow

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Getting to Glasgow from Mexico wasn’t quick or easy. But I’m here and saw some interesting stuff on my first day, which I’ll write about in a later post. For now, here’s the story of my adventure in getting here.