A trip in the making

Before the trip comes the planning. And sometimes the plan is more fun than the trip.

Planning is a time for making decisions, which isn’t always easy. Settling on an itinerary, selecting lodging, figuring out transportation and choosing activities and sights. Sometimes that means making sacrifices. There’s never as much time as I want to go everywhere I want to go.

It’s also a time for anticipation, for imagining the trip and learning about the places I’ll visit.

When planning a trip, everything goes smoothly. I am never tired, my feet never hurt, I don’t get lost or miss a train or lose anything. Planning is like the perfect dress rehearsal.

Usually, the performance doesn’t end up going quite so perfectly. But that’s part of the adventure!

An Impulsive Guanajuato Getaway (7/21/2021)

Guanajuato has been called the most beautiful city in Mexico and it’s definitely the most attractive city we’ve visited.

Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, Never Ending Voyage
Zacatecas Panoramic View My Pueblos Mágicos Road Trip: Stops and Stays (5/9/2021)

I’m looking forward to my upcoming road trip, and I’m trying to learn a little about the places I’m going, my stops and stays, before I leave.

I’m happy to share some of my research with my friends and family and whoever else reads my blog. If you don’t want all the details, here’s a TL;DR version.

Logo of the Pueblos Mágicos program Pueblos Mágicos: A road trip (5/2/2021)
  • Mexico has 132 Pueblos Mágicos.
  • I haven’t traveled since February 2020.
  • We’re in the middle of a global pandemic that makes international travel complicated.
  • I love a good road trip.
  • I’m fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
  • May is the hottest month of the year at Lake Chapala.

So guess what that means: I’m going to take a road trip!

Lalibela Rock Church Israel-Plus: Postponements and a new itinerary (3/8/2021)

In early January 2020 I booked a tour to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine for October and November of that year.

I postponed the trip last summer, scheduling it instead for October and November 2021.

Then, this week, I decided to postpone it again.

I’ve rebooked for February and March of 2022.

Thumbnails of upcoming Charter Club tours Plans for 2021: Here’s Hoping! (12/18/2020)

After a promising start, 2020 turned out to be a bust for travel. In January I took a three-day trip to see the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in eastern Michoacán, with two nights in Morelia and a stop in Pátzcuaro on the way home. And in February I had the chance to visit Cuba with my friend Cathy on a tour with Charter Club. Then later that month I drove with three visitors to Tequila.

And then it was March, and the world came to a screeching halt.

Image by Falkenpost from Pixabay My Cuba Itinerary (1/25/2020)

Just a week from tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Cuba!

On my first trip to Europe in 1989 I went to Hungary, which was still behind the Iron Curtain.

This trip feels like that.

2020 (12/16/2019)


We’re into the last two weeks of the year. 2019 included lots of travels for me, including the most significant journey of my life: a move to a new country.

My (Updated) Central Europe Itinerary (2/22/2019)

(Update to a version originally published July 23, 2018)
Today I sent in my final payment for my upcoming trip. I had most of the general itinerary locked in last July, and now I have added a lot of activities, local tours, and day trips. Some stuff I’ll still be leaving up to chance; serendipity is a great tour guide! But there’s so much I want to see and do, and sometimes advance planning and guided tours make things more efficient.

After I finalized the dates and cities for my trip, JayWay came up with several options for lodging in each city. But I was not really pleased with many of the options. I was really hoping for apartment-style lodging, but in most every instance they offered only hotels.
So I asked them to come up with some different choices, and after a few days, they updated the list. This time, I was very happy, and I made my selections.
And now the countdown is on: 36 days until departure!

Get ready, Costa Rica, I’m coming soon! (12/2/2018)

Two weeks from today I arrive in Costa Rica for my next big adventure, and my first excursion to Central America.

I am planning on blogging daily, or at least most days as long as WiFi is available. But I’m thinking of trying something new, or at least something I haven’t done in a long time. Read on for more about that.

Next Stop, Yellowstone! (9/1/2018)

My Yellowstone road trip is just one week out, and I’ve pretty much figured out all the details. I have been using an cool online tool I discovered to help with the planning. It’s called Furkot. I’ll share more about planning a road trip with Furkot in a separate post.