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Recent Posts

Random Krakow

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Planty The Old Town of Krakow used to be surrounded by a wall, and that wall used to be surrounded by a moat. In the early 19th century they tore down most of... READ MORE


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I have very little to say about my visit to Auschwitz‐Birkenau. I took only the one photo, at the entrance to Auschwitz II‐Birkenau. What kind of monsters can perpetrate crimes of such enormity,... READ MORE

Not the next Prague

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Of all the Eastern European cities laying claim to the boast, “the next Prague,” Krakow is for real. So writes Rick Steves in his Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk guidebook. What a crock! First, this... READ MORE

Warsaw Wrap‐up

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I was trying to pick a representative photo for the “featured image” of this post, and I settled on the Palace of Science and Culture, perhaps the ugliest building I’ve ever see. Built... READ MORE

First day in Warsaw

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I have to confess, as I was getting toward the end of my visit to Berlin, I was starting to have doubts about having planned a four‐week trip. I found myself getting worn... READ MORE

Berlin Retrospective

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It’s Sunday, April 14. I’m currently on a train from Berlin to Warsaw. We just departed, and the journey will be over six hours, so I have plenty of time to make up... READ MORE