My free day in Balloch

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Today was the sixth day of my Scotland adventure, and my first completely free day. It was also the first sunny day of my trip. I was happy to spend the day enjoying Balloch and hiking in the hills outside the village.


After breakfast in my hotel, I decided to walk to nearby Balloch Castle, doing the Balloch Castle Country Park Walk. This is a short loop path that starts right by my hotel. The entire loop is about an hour’s walk.

It was a pretty walk:

The castle, built in 1808–1809, is in serious disrepair and not all that impressive.

At the top of the loop I came across a sign suggesting a longer route.

This was a perfect hike, with impressive vistas, delightful bird songs, and pretty trees and wildflowers. In total the two walks combined were about three hours.

I was mesmerized by the bird songs and took this video. Turn up the volume!

At the top of the hike I was rewarded with this vista of Loch Lomond and the hills.
The coconutty smell of the gorse on Whinny Hill was powerful. (Whin is another word for gorse.)

At the end of the hike I came all the way down to the edge of the loch.

And for the first time, I got a view of Ben Lomond, the southernmost Munro. (A Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3,000 feet.) That’s the photo at the top of this page.

After the hike

After the hike I wandered around Balloch for a bit. I came to a shopping plaza that was teeming with families (today was a bank holiday) but offered nothing of interest. Then I came back to my hotel and enjoyed a brew outside on the deck. And I had dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Tomorrow I’m off to my next destination. My train isn’t until 12:38, so I have more time in the morning to discover if there’s anything I’ve missed in Balloch.

All my photos from Loch Lomond, including yesterday’s driving tour and today’s hike, are here.

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  1. Maureen

    Loving traveling with you!! Photos fab. Enjoying the audio: bird & human singing, Calum’s accent–thank you!! Continue living the good life!❤

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