Final Destination

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I spent a good portion of the day yesterday at the airport in Bergen. Since I had to check out of my apartment by noon, and my flight to Trondheim wasn’t until 15:45, and I didn’t want to haul my … Continued


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I’m overloaded on sun. After the gloom and grey skies in Oslo, I’ve enjoyed the last few days, but it’s also taking a toll. Being out in the sun all day, now three days in a row, has me worn … Continued

Backup battery

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I am on the balcony of my room at the Balestrand Hotell, trying to focus on what I’m typing but distracted by the view of the Sognefjord in front of me.

Just like home

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Yesterday in Oslo was like so many winter and spring and fall days in Seattle: grey and rainy. Fortunately I got most of my outdoor sightseeing done on Saturday, when it was beautiful (until late afternoon).