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I’m a worrier. I don’t know why I’m a worrier, and I’m not going to worry about why, because I have enough other things to worry about. But here I am, just about two weeks from my next big trip, and … Continued

Traveling While Gay

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Is there is a difference between being a gay traveler and traveling while gay? One of the blogs I most enjoy reading is called “Travels of Adam.” Adam Groffman started his blog in 2009, when he was still working as a … Continued

And a new camera too…

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Not content with buying new luggage, I also just bought a new camera. It is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100. I picked it based on reviews I read online, and because it seemed like the best option within my budget. My … Continued

New Luggage, Part Two

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Okay, my trip is still more than seven months away, and I’m obsessing about luggage. I think it’s because it’s a tour, and I don’t have any other plans to make. Still, I’m pretty sure I’ve taken it too far. I … Continued

New Luggage

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I will never forget the huge suitcase I brought along on my first trip to Europe, a ten-day tour in the middle of the summer to Austria, Germany, and Hungary. Gradually in my travels I have reduced the size of … Continued

Paris je t’aime

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My first trip outside North America was in 1989. It was a choir tour to Germany, Austria, and Hungary, but we flew through Paris, where we had an eight-hour layover, so we arranged for a quick tour around the city. … Continued

I’m Just a Broadway Baby

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When you grow up gay in the suburbs of New York, you develop certain affinities. Like, for instance, the Broadway musical. (I don’t mean to perpetuate any stereotypes. I actually know plenty of people who like musicals who aren’t from … Continued


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I’m feeling anxious. I’ve had generalized anxiety before, nothing severe, but I’m feeling specifically anxious about this trip. I’ve got a nervous feeling in my gut and I’m not sleeping well, waking up in the middle of the night or … Continued


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I bought this book today. I hope I will get some value out of it. And perhaps you are hoping I get some value out of it even more than I am!