Seeing the Isle of Skye

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Today I took a tour to various highlights on the Isle of Skye. You can see all the photos I took.

You can also listen to a wonderful story told by our guide and driver, Bill. It’s in the album.

Everything was beautiful. It was a great day. If you ever come to the Isle of Skye, you should definitely take a tour with Real Scottish Journeys. Sometimes tours like this can feel like you’re being herded from place to place. But this was a pleasure from start to finish.

But rather than writing about it, I’m going to share a video. Bill told us to watch this.

I didn’t go to the specific place depicted in this video. But some of the the places I went to look a lot like Loch Scavaig. And we were in the Cuillen Mountains for part of the day today. They’re beautiful. You can also see them from Portree:

Maybe I’d write more if it weren’t late and i weren’t ready for sleep. But this video, I think, is far more eloquent than anything I could write even if I weren’t ready for sleep.

Tomorrow I leave the Isle of Skye and head to my next destination.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you in Inverness.

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