Last day in Ashland

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My last day in Ashland started with a trip to the laundromat and ended with a final play at OSF.

I didn’t take a single photo today. (The one above, of the Elizabethan stage at OSF, I found on the webs.)

After doing the laundry, Mary and I wandered through downtown Ashland, shopping and visiting galleries.  There was a Saturday market, which was small.  We had a nice light lunch at Pangea, and eventually made it back “home” for nap.  The evening was warm, so we ate dinner outside by the creek once again at Salame, which we had so enjoyed the first night we were here.  It was just as good tonight.

For the first time tonight, we finished dinner early enough to catch the end of The Green Show, which tonight was The Wild Zappers, a deaf performance group that combines dance and ASL.  When we got there they were dancing to “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” which song I can’t stand, but I stayed and the last couple of numbers were better.

The play tonight was The Unfortunates, a world-premiere musical which, I am sorry to say, I just didn’t get and didn’t like, although it has had a great reception here in Ashland and sold out quickly.  It was a story of a group of prisoners in vaguely World War I uniforms being executed one by one, and all going to their deaths with dignity through song, except one who is in a state of panic until he experiences what is vaguely a vision or fantasy or memory of becoming the owner of a vaguely New Orleans bar and being in love with the armless daughter of the previous owner until she dies of the plague that vaguely resembles the 1918 influenza pandemic.  It was all a bit vague to me.  Read a rave review if you want.

I really fell in love with Ashland.  It’s a nice town, nice people, in a beautiful setting, seemingly progressive, and very walkable.  Plus, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but they have an amazing theatre festival every year.  Maybe I’ll come back next year.

Tomorrow I’m off to Bend, where the forecast calls for rain tomorrow and Monday.

Mileage today: 6 (to the laundry and back).

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