Martedì, settimana due

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My train for Castelnuovo di Garfagnana leaves in about an hour, so Iàve been wandering around Lucca this morning, took a bike ride on the walls (itàs like the Lucchesi version of Greenlake), and popped into this Internet spot, where they charge ten cents a minute. In Firenze I got 30 minutes for a Euro. In Siena the place I was staying had free Internet.

Iàm looking forward to a day away. Itàs not that hot yet, but getting there.

Lucca is really a great place to visit. There are still some tourists, but not like there were everywhere else Iàve been so far, and more of the shopkeepers donàt speak English, which is fun, trying to communicate about the cheese I want using my feeble Italian. (Elsewhere, they speak English to you even if you stumble through Italian with them.) There is no end to the little streets to wander among, and there are hundreds of old churches to step inside (where itàs cooler) and admire the art and architecture.

Anyway, the minutes are ticking away, so Iàll check in later.

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