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One last post from Firenze. It remains hot and sunny, and I am glad to have the respite of my air conditioned B&B in a very convenient location.

Iàve been to more things than I can remember. I have been writing down highlights in my journal, so Iàll be able to share details later. The highlights in Firenze have been these:

  • Michelangeloàs Medici Chapel.
  • Going up to San Miniato and looking over the city on Friday as the sun was setting.
  • Dinner at a fun place way off the beaten tourist path, with two Dutch men who were in the third of a four-week bicycle trip from The Hague to Rome. (Even though it was off the beaten path, there were lots of tourists there.)
  • Climbing the steps of the Duomo, seeing the extraordinary architecture and the view from the top.
  • David. The greatest work of art I think I have ever seen. And The Prisoners, in the same hall at the Accademia.

One of the other works I was looking forward to seeing, Donatelloàs David at the Bargello, is on loan to a museum in Milan.

This morning I took a city bus to the nearby town of Fiesole, because (1) itàs supposed to be cooler and breezy up there, and (2) the views back down were reputedly great. I had to settle for one out of two–it was just as hot there.

This afternoon at 16.15 I see the Uffizi, and between now and then Iàll check a few other places. Even with two-and-a-half days, thereàs just not time or energy to see everything, especially in the heat. Maybe Lucca will be cooler. If not, at least thereàs not as much to see there, so I might just spend my two days there being lazy.


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