Back in Vernazza

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OK, so just a postscript to my last post from Monterosso: Oh my friggin’ god! The walk back from Monterosso to Vernazza was pure torture. Made the hike to Corniglia feel like a stroll on the walls around Lucca by comparison. Well, maybe it was because it was the end of the day and I was exhausted.

Another evening of relaxing. Tomorrow I have to check out of my room, but I plan to spend most of the day here in Vernazza just watching people frolic in the water and shopping and noshing. Later tomorrow I’ll catch a train for Milano, and I’ll spend tomorrow night in the airport awaiting my flight at 06.20.

My room here in Vernazza is absolutely charming, as I think I already mentioned, but it is ridiculously hard to find. When Daria (the owner) showed me to the room, she pointed out landmarks on the way, but I still had to write down the route the first time I left, or I’d never have found it again.

Thanks to those who’ve left comments, either here or on Facebook. It’s really great to hear from folks. And yes, Carrie, I did make it to Santa Maria Novella church in Firenze, and it was great. I was really impressed by the fresco there that created a 3D illusion, almost a trompe l’oeil effect.

It occurs to me I haven’t mentioned the heat since I arrived in the Cinque Terre. It’s still hot, but so pleasant. I might never go to another museum or another church as long as I live. The fact is, after a while, every adoration of the magi, every annunciation, every ascension, and especially every family portrait of Mary and Jesus (how is it they couldn’t afford a hotel room and yet they managed to get their portrait painted so many times?) all run together in my memory.

  1. Kevin Bowling

    I’m glad to hear you fell in love with the Cinque Terre. But the real question is, did you fall in love *in* in the Cinque Terre? 🙂

    Oh and did you bring enough Euros? Can’t wait to see the pics (albeit not all 700). Safe travels home.

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