No Ocean

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In the last two days I drove from Telluride, Colorado, to Bryce, Utah. I drove through a number of small towns, and the much larger communities of Monticello and Blanding, Utah, and I detoured to Natural Bridges National Monument before stopping for the night in Mexican Hat, Utah. Then I continued south through Monument Valley and through the Navajo reservation, stopping for breakfast in Kayenta, Arizona, toured Lower Antelope Canyon just east of Page, Arizona, crossed the Colorado River at Glen Canyon Dam, and then reentered Utah, ending at Bryce Canyon Pines, where I’m spending two nights as a base for exploring Bryce Canyon National Park.

The best way to describe everything I saw on this trip is to list everything I didn’t see:

  • Ocean

At a certain point, spectacular scenery along the road becomes an ephemeral, private experience. As much as I want to take pictures of everything so I can remember it all and share it with everyone, it’s just not possible. (Although judging from the number of photos I’ve posted in my Google albums –Part One and Part Two– it may seem like that’s what I’m doing.)

Check them out.

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