On the Nile: From Daraw to Aswan

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We started the day today in Daraw, a small village with a busy market. The rest of the day we just sailed to our final destination, Aswan. We’re still on the boat tonight; tomorrow we return to dry land.

We didn’t see any sights today. Other than the market at Daraw, and a visit with some camels, we just cruised. And we watched a movie.


We actually spent last night moored across the river from Daraw. A small motor boat came to pick us up this morning and take us to the other side, and then we rode in the back of small pickup trucks into town.


Our first stop was to visit some camels.

I’m not sure what these animals’ fates will be. The local camel market takes place on the weekend, and they will probably be sold. Whether as beasts of burden or as someone’s lunch or dinner, it’s hard to say. Apparently, they could be worth 25,000 Egyptian pounds (about $800 US) each.


Next we walked a couple of blocks to the local market. Mo gave us each 20 pounds to go buy something. I bought some mini eggplant and some peppers. I guess everything we bought will be served up on our boat for the next group.

The market was crowded and busy, and tuk-tuks and cars and people riding donkeys were a constant menace.

More photos from Daraw are here.

Movie night

Before dinner we had a movie night. We watched the 1978 version of Death on the Nile, with Peter Ustinov and an all-star cast. I’d never seen it before. I was surprised and how amusing it was. I felt like I missed out on being able to climb to the top of the great pyramid. And I wondered why they were able to take a boat ride from Luxor to Abu Simbel in a single afternoon, while it took us five days just to go from Luxor to Aswan.

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