My Final Balkan Itinerary

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So here’s the thing: three weeks, which seems like a lot of time to travel in a geographically compact area, is not nearly enough time. But I have accepted that truth, and I have settled on an itinerary I not only can live with, but am excited about.

Based on a lot of advice from online strangers and from friends and acquaintances, I’ve concluded that any itinerary will be great. Borrowing a day from one place in order to spend more time at another might be a good or a bad idea, but there’s no way to know for sure until I’m there. For everyone who said 2 days is enough in Rovinj, there was someone else who said 3 days is not enough. So I discussed it also with my agent at JayWay Travel, and finally settled on this itinerary:

3 nights Ljubljana Slamič B&B
2 nights Kobarid Apartment Bor (Apartments Lia)
3 nights Rovinj Porta Antica
1 night Plitvice House Lončar, Rakovica
3 nights Sarajevo Sarajevo Apartment
1 night Mostar Muslibegovic House
1 night Trogir House Ivancic
2 nights Hvar Villa Plenkovic
2 nights Korcula Villa Depolo
3 nights Dubrovnik House Renata

Cutting out Zagreb really opened up more time to spend in Slovenia, and I’m especially looking forward to having time to explore the Julian Alps, based in Kobarid.  It will be great not to have to do that drive and get back to Ljubljana, so there’ll be lots more time for hiking.

My sister will be traveling with me for the first half of the trip; I’ll meet her at the airport in Zagreb, and we’ll pick up a rental car there and drive to Ljubljana (about 90 minutes). She’ll fly home after the first night in Sarajevo, and I’ll continue from there on my own, dropping the car off in Split before boarding a ferry to Hvar. And one of my days in Dubrovnik will be spent on a day trip to Kotor, in Montenegro.

I’ll plan on posting a preview of each destination in the months ahead leading up to the actual trip.

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