Pura vida, Part Three

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Some truths about travel I think I gave some of my readers the wrong impression with the last couple of posts. I haven’t been unhappy or disappointed or been looking for reasons to not enjoy myself. But all travel was … Continued

Pura vida, Part Two

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Wristbands When I checked into my hotel yesterday, I was given a green wristband and told I needed to keep it on for my entire stay. It’s for security, I was told, and for the included breakfast. Most of the … Continued

Pura vida, Part One

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A Confession I have not been looking forward to this trip with the level of enthusiasm that has always accompanied on my prior adventures. There’s so much about this trip that should get my heart racing: seeing exotic birds and … Continued

Next Stop, Yellowstone!

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My Yellowstone road trip is just one week out, and I’ve pretty much figured out all the details. I have been using an cool online tool I discovered to help with the planning. It’s called Furkot. I’ll share more about … Continued

My Mexico Holiday Part 5

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I started this post a few days ago when I was in Mexico City, but I just couldn’t get it finished while I was still away. My itinerary was completely disorganized. I had made no advance plans, read no guide … Continued