So yeah, I didn’t blog on days 15 and 16. Here they are in a nutshell:

Day 15

I hiked to Angels Landing in Zion National Park. (Except I didn’t go all the way to Angels Landing. I stopped at what is called Scouts Lookout or Scouts Landing. I thought the view from up there was amazing and it was a great hike.) I know I wasn’t going to post pictures from Zion, but above is the view from Scouts Lookout, where I spent about a half hour resting after the climb, chatting with other hikers, and just enjoying the scenery.

Then I did the Riverside Trail, which was a very easy walk along the river. Then I wanted to do two more hikes before departing, but it started to rain, so I left and drove to St. George. Continue reading “Retrospective”

I’ve spent the better part of two weeks exploring some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever encountered, and today in Bryce Canyon, everything I saw was as beautiful as everything I’ve seen.

Which led me to wonder… If everything is beautiful, is anything beautiful?

If you asked me what was the highlight of my trip, I couldn’t answer. If you asked me the most beautiful place I visited, I would stammer and shrug.

As I wandered around Bryce today and took some three hundred pictures, I wondered how I would pare them down to a reasonable number. They were all equally beautiful. Except they weren’t. After a while, walking and driving through the park, nothing was beautiful. Because how do you measure beauty against the most beautiful things nature has ever produced?

I somehow pared down the 300 photos to 68, which I posted in a Google album.

And above is just one to whet the appetite. It’s the first one I took, my first view of Bryce Canyon from Sunset Point. The one where I just gazed in wonder and didn’t worry about if it was just as beautiful as everything else I’ve seen on my trip.

Check out the rest. They’re really beautiful.

In the last two days I drove from Telluride, Colorado, to Bryce, Utah. I drove through a number of small towns, and the much larger communities of Monticello and Blanding, Utah, and I detoured to Natural Bridges National Monument before stopping for the night in Mexican Hat, Utah. Then I continued south through Monument Valley and through the Navajo reservation, stopping for breakfast in Kayenta, Arizona, toured Lower Antelope Canyon just east of Page, Arizona, crossed the Colorado River at Glen Canyon Dam, and then reentered Utah, ending at Bryce Canyon Pines, where I’m spending two nights as a base for exploring Bryce Canyon National Park.
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Leaving Telluride, I have two days of westward travel in southern Utah and northern Arizona, ending up at Bryce, with an overnight in Mexican Hat, Utah. For these two days I plan to meander and enjoy scenery. I have a few options on which routes to take, and there are things I will have to miss in order to see other things. It also depends on how much time I want to spend in Telluride before I hit the road.
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I have no idea why I didn’t consider this up front, but I realized yesterday that I could easily add Bryce Canyon National Park to my itinerary by skipping the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. So I posted a query on Facebook: with a choice between these two alternatives, which should I do. And it was unanimous. Hoodoos it is! Continue reading “A Change of Scenery”

I have reversed myself and decided to go ahead and book my lodging for the days I was going to play it by ear.

There is something kind of thrilling about the spontaneity of not deciding where to stay until I get there, but weighing that against not having anywhere decent to stay, or being forced to stay somewhere inconvenient, planning ahead has won the day.

So here are the remaining places I’ve booked.
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I love the idea of rolling into some new town at the end of a day of driving around sightseeing, and finding some quaint, charming inn or some cheesy, retro motor lodge or a unique, classic, old hotel and deciding spontaneously where to spend the night.

But I also love the idea of having a place to spend the night when everything is booked. And I love the idea of not setting for a cookie‐cutter motel chain because I can’t find anything that I feel comfortable checking into sight unseen. There are advantages to living in the information age. I can research all the options in each location and make a smart decision, and I’ll end up having someplace to look forward to settling in for a day or two.
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Southwest road trip?  Say what?!?

Yes, after I did those posts about my Next #1 and Next #2 itineraries, I started thinking about a different Next.

The Galapagos Islands.

Wait, what am I talking about? What do the Galapagos Islands have to do with a southwest road trip?
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