I was both delighted and wistful to read The Frugal Traveler’s most recent post about his journey through Scandinavia.

Before he began his trip (and while I was in the last week of mine), Seth Kugel posted requesting readers provide him with ideas for a five‐day intinerary in Sweden for under $100 a day. I found his post shortly after I got home, and I thought he could probably do Öland for that, but I couldn’t possibly have come up with enough ideas from my two days in Kalmar andÖland to provide a five‐day itinerary. Plus, with my rental car and one of the more expensive rooms I stayed in, there was no way I was going to recommend anything for under $100 a day.
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First, I have to thank everyone who’s left a comment or a “Like” on Facebook. One of the best cures for the occasional loneliness that sets in when traveling alone is the feeling that my friends and family are a part of the experience. Keep those cards and letters coming!

I’m going to start today’s post from the end and work backwards, because I just came from the Beethoven concert by the Royal Philharmonic at the Konserthuset (Concert Hall), and I want to write about it while it’s fresh in my mind.
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I’m at a restaurant that’s actually in the same building as the apartment where I’m staying, and it’s one I’d read about before my vacation started. It’s called The Urban Deli. Niklas also recommended it. Unfortunately when the waiter came and I asked him to recommend something, he recommended a cod dish and then remembered that they just ran out. So I asked him to recommend something they have, and I’m going with pluma iberico, which he says is a Spanish pig that’s slow roasted at a low temperature overnight and then finished in a pan. I’m very hungry, so anything would be fine. Plus the waiter has a nice smile, so anything he recommends will be great.
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The train ended up arriving in Stockholm 35 minutes early last night. I’d originally messaged Niklas, the owner of the apartment where I arranged to stay via airbnb.com, with my expected arrival time, but then when my plans changed, I messaged him several times over the course of the day to let him know, but he never replied, so I was concerned he hadn’t gotten the messages. I tried calling him when I got off the train, but I got a message that the number was not in service. Then, starting to feel uneasy, I got on the metro, traveled the three stops, and walked the eight blocks to his address, which I couldn’t find.
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I just deleted my entire blog post as I was attempting to copy it. So this is my second attempt, and it won’t be as interesting or as witty as my first.

When I got to the train station this morning to make my reservation, I learned that all the express trains to Stockholm were fully booked. So I was forced to take a train that left Kalmar a half hour earlier than planned, and arrives in Stockholm 85 minutes later. The booking agent was extremely helpful in getting me the best combination. It meant changing in Linköping instead of Alvesta, so if there was any problem like on Friday night with the bus, I didn’t have it this time. Right now I’m on the second leg of the trip, riding in a nasty car that’s too warm even with the windows open, noisy, crowded, and I’m facing backwards in a window seat that has no window, just a pillar between two windows.
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It’s actually Day Eight, Sunday, May 20, 9:30. I didn’t blog last yesterday because I was on the go all day and was too tired by the time I got back. I started the day the same way I ended the day on Friday, with a walk around Kalmar.  It’s a nice town, built largely on islands, so there’s a lot of water, and the castle stands guard in a lovely setting.
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I just got on the train to Kalmar. We should depart in about 10 minutes. The monitors in the station tell you which cars are going to which destinations. Not all the cars on this train are going to Kalmar, only 11 and 14. I got on one of the cars that I thought was marked Vogn 11, but then after I sat down and got comfortable, I looked up at the posted message and it said Vogn 24. It’s a good thing I paid attention or I’d be at the airport in 20 minutes waiting for a later train to Kalmar. This car clearly states “Tog mod Kalmar C, Vogn 11,” so I’m good.
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