In the two weeks since my last post I have been thinking a lot about my difficulty with getting out of my comfort zone when I travel. This might seem ridiculous to people who can’t imagine going to Europe all alone. They might consider me enormously daring to even consider doing such a thing. And there was a time when I might have felt the same way.

But now, having been on two North American journeys and two European trips as a solo traveler, I have not been able to shake my feeling that I have failed to push myself past some personal boundaries. I’m not even sure what those boundaries are, but I think they all stem from shyness and lack of self‐confidence.
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I recently got back from what was, for me, a great adventure. I blogged each day during my three‐week vacation in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Iceland, and having returned home with many wonderful memories and well over a thousand photographs, I have come to realize that what I miss most about my trip is writing about it.
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