Picking the right guidebook is always a challenge. On the one hand, any guidebook is going to provide useful information, so you won’t necessarily have a better or worse vacation by picking one guidebook over another. But some guidebooks provide advice and recommendations that fit a particular traveler’s interests, budget, and time constraints; others are more a compendium of every potentially interesting sight and activity. Also, some have big long sections on where to stay. That can be helpful if you are traveling on the fly and looking for lodging as you go. If you plan ahead and book lodging beforehand, those sections are a waste of space and are extra stuff to carry around.
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I recently got back from what was, for me, a great adventure. I blogged each day during my three‐week vacation in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Iceland, and having returned home with many wonderful memories and well over a thousand photographs, I have come to realize that what I miss most about my trip is writing about it.
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