The last few nights I blogged right after dinner. Last night we didn’t get out of the theatre until 11:00, and I was just too sleepy to stay up late and blog. The play was Cymbeline, not one of Shakespeare’s best plays (read the synopsis if you can get through it and see if you don’t agree), but a wonderful production.  It started at 8:00 and ran a full three hours.

I left the farm by about 8:30 in the morning. Before I left, Dave showed me his wine cellar and gave me a bottle of his excellent blackberry wine.  He did all the mosaic work himself.
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When I woke up today it was foggy and drizzly. But after breakfast (veggie scramble, sausage, fresh homemade apple‐pear juice, and fresh apples and Asian pears from the orchard), I drove to the coast, and by the time I got there, the sun was out.

Until about 1:30. Then it started clouding over and spitting rain. And later in the afternoon it was raining heavily. More rain is predicted for tomorrow.

But let’s talk about the sunny part of my day. (A few pictures now, more to come later.)
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I’m afraid I only have a handful of photos today. I took over 100 pics on the drive down the coast, and they’re all worthy of posting, but the internet connection where I’m staying is extremely limited. I will update this post later with more pics.

I woke up early this morning and found that there was only a trickle of water. I went upstairs to my hosts and knocked on the door, but I got no response. So I just brushed my teeth with what little water there was, packed, and went without a shower. After I’d packed up the car, I heard a toilet flush upstairs, and I checked, and the water was restored. But I decided to just go. I knocked on the hosts’ door again and Prudence came and said hi, and was very contrite. Later on this afternoon I got an email from them offering a partial refund, which I thought was very nice.

The trip down the coast was on‐and‐off rain, and unlike yesterday, when it rained all morning and then the sun came out, today it was overcast all day long.
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I woke up this morning to the sound of rain. I went to breakfast at the Local Grill & Scoop, and afterwards, it was still raining. So I thought maybe I should give up on any outdoor plans. I decided to head toward Tillamook to tour the cheese factory.  But I drove a short way before I decided to turn back. It was so windy and visibility was so bad, I was getting stressed just driving down the highway.  So I turned back before I got too far.

Back in Cannon Beach, I got out of the car to look at the beach in a storm. In a minute, I was so wet, I came home to change my clothes, and my pants are still drying 8 hours later. You can’t really tell from these pictures how hard it was raining and how much it was blowing.
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The last time I took a serious road trip was my Acadian Road Trip, eight years ago, in July 2005. I flew to Portland, Maine, and I rented a car and drove up along the coast into New Brunswick, then down and around Nova Scotia, and back by ferry to Maine. I saw so many wonderful things, but I have memories of long, tedious hours behind the wheel, trying to get to the next place, or, almost as bad, sightseeing out the windows of the car while driving.  On the Cabot Trail I must have stopped every quarter mile or so for a good portion of the drive to get out, take in the view, and snap a photo. It was a very long day of scenic beauty.
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I’d never actually heard of Fossil, Oregon, before it was recommended to me via my post on the Thorn Tree Forum. And now that I’m definitely going there, I don’t know if I’m happy about it. Maybe it will be the highlight of my trip. Or maybe not. I feel like I should do some homework so I can make the most of my time there and, I hope, to get excited about it.

According to the City of Fossil web site, 470 people live in Fossil.
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As I’m planning my Oregon road trip, I feel like I’m planning three separate vacations. First, I have four nights to spend along the coast. Then I have four nights in Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Finally, I have six or seven nights to meander back north through central Oregon.
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