I decided that I really want to stay in Amsterdam and not in Haarlem.

  1. Because it’s Amsterdam, and I like being in the heart of things.
  2. Because I won’t have to take a train back home every evening when I spend the day in Amsterdam.
  3. Because if I need to take a break in the middle of the day, I can more easily head back “home.”
  4. Because most of the day trips I’d want to take from Haarlem would require me to first head to Amsterdam anyway.

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Yes, Beltherway (for BELgium, neTHERlands, norWAY). Thanks to Troy Aker for the brilliant portmanteau.

This past weekend I went up to Rick Steves’ Travel Center in Edmonds for a trip consult with Lisa, and with her help I was able to firm up my itinerary, and I’ve finished booking all my accommodations, mostly through Airbnb.
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I don’t know what to call this trip. My last three trips to Europe were easier: Italy, my Nordic Adventure, and the Balkans. But what do I call this trip?

I was thinking “Northern Europe,” but that doesn’t feel nearly specific enough. Do I just call it “Belgium, Netherlands, and Norway”? It doesn’t exactly come trippingly off the tongue.

I need help coming up with a good, succinct name for this trip that describes where I’m going.
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I’ve been back from my last trip just about three months, and I’m itching to start planning the next trip.

Since my last trip was mostly by car and covered a lot of different destinations, I am leaning toward something different: a handful of cities that are easily accessible by train and where I can spend plenty of time getting acclimated and feeling like a temporary resident.

So here are the three options I’m most strongly considering:

  1. The Netherlands, Belgium, and eastern France
  2. Eastern Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland
  3. Spain and Portugal

These are all places I’ve never been and am eager to see. I’m leaning toward the first one, because I think it most fits the goal. #2 and #3 both cover more distance and both have more things in between the primary destinations.
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