I’ve been home for two weeks now. I’ve finally gotten all my photos organized and uploaded to Google Web Albums, and I’ve gone through all my blog posts from the trip and updated them with a few details I’d previous omitted, but mostly by interspersing some of the best pics of the trip.

My last day in Iceland was spent at the Blue Lagoon. The photos on their web site are very cool, lots of steam. I’m pretty sure they took their pics in the winter. I was there on a warm spring day, so my pics don’t have the same romantic/spooky quality.
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It’s my last night in Reykjavik, and the last night of my Nordic adventure. Tomorrow at this time I’ll be home. Well actually, I’ll still be in the air somewhere over Canada, as it’s still afternoon in Seattle, and my flight, which takes off at 17:00 local time, lands at 5:45 p.m. Pacific time. In seven hours and forty‐five minutes, I will cross seven time zones. This makes me wonder. If you walk in a circle around the north pole, do you pass through all 24 time zones? And what time is it at the north pole?
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Sometime in the last few days, my vacation stopped feeling like I’m on vacation and started feeling like my regular life. It’s as if being in new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people is the norm of my existence. I guess that means I could get used to this. And I guess that means I need to do it more often. With all the raw beauty of Iceland I’m seeing, it feels like I’m just scratching the surface, and that’s just Iceland. There’s so much of the world waiting to be seen, not enough time, not enough money, and not enough youthful energy to do it all.
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No matter how well I understand logically that the sun doesn’t set here until almost midnight, when I look outside at 10:30 pm and see bright sunshine, my mind can’t understand why my body is so ready for sleep.

Today I got acquainted with Reykjavik. I walked around on my own, then took a free guided tour that was almost as good as the one in Tallinn, then walked around some more. There were a lot of highlights:
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Yesterday was mostly a travel day, so there wasn’t a lot to blog about, and there still isn’t, since I just woke up and am at a neighborhood coffee shop having what they call an Americano. (I’d call it a slightly watered down espresso.)

Mary left early to catch her train for St. Petersburg, and my flight didn’t leave until 15:30, so I used the morning to visit one last museum and do a last bit of shopping to try to use up my remaining euros. Then I took the bus to the airport and arrived at Keflavik at 15:55. I got some cool pics from the plane:
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