My first trip outside North America was in 1989. It was a choir tour to Germany, Austria, and Hungary, but we flew through Paris, where we had an eight‐hour layover, so we arranged for a quick tour around the city. There was maybe just enough time for a quick photo stop in front of Notre Dame, but otherwise we spent most of the time seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triomphe through the bus window while stuck in traffic.

So the first place in Europe where I set my feet was Paris.
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I’ve been back from my last trip just about three months, and I’m itching to start planning the next trip.

Since my last trip was mostly by car and covered a lot of different destinations, I am leaning toward something different: a handful of cities that are easily accessible by train and where I can spend plenty of time getting acclimated and feeling like a temporary resident.

So here are the three options I’m most strongly considering:

  1. The Netherlands, Belgium, and eastern France
  2. Eastern Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland
  3. Spain and Portugal

These are all places I’ve never been and am eager to see. I’m leaning toward the first one, because I think it most fits the goal. #2 and #3 both cover more distance and both have more things in between the primary destinations.
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