I just got on the train to Kalmar. We should depart in about 10 minutes. The monitors in the station tell you which cars are going to which destinations. Not all the cars on this train are going to Kalmar, only 11 and 14. I got on one of the cars that I thought was marked Vogn 11, but then after I sat down and got comfortable, I looked up at the posted message and it said Vogn 24. It’s a good thing I paid attention or I’d be at the airport in 20 minutes waiting for a later train to Kalmar. This car clearly states “Tog mod Kalmar C, Vogn 11,” so I’m good.
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I forgot to mention yesterday that one of the highlights of the day was the lunch I had when I arrived at Ærøskøbing.  (I’m at Odense Central Library as I write this, waiting for my train to Copenhagen and, from there, to Kalmar.  So I have all the quaint characters in the Danish alphabet at my disposal again.)  I had what might have been the best salmon I ever ate, and that’s a pretty audacious statement coming from someone who lives in Seattle.  It was lightly smoked, but it tasted incredibly fresh.  I also had a frikadelle, which is a sort of fish fritter.  It was yummy too.
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A few random thoughts to start off:

  1. I was able to type a dollar sign using the keyboard at the library in Copenhagen using Ctrl + Alt + 4. If I do that with my little Mac keyboard, nothing happens. Why can’t they put international symbols and letters (like the elided AE or the o with a slash) on keyboards in the USA?
  2. The Danish word for parking is parkering. What’s the extra syllable doing in there?
  3. The Danish word for hour is time. The plural is timer. So all over I see signs that say 1 time parkering. How confusing is that? I keep thinking people can park as long as they want, but once they leave, they can never park there again.
  4. Credit cards here have an RFID chip. And everyone enters their PIN. It’s not always easy to buy things with an old fashioned credit card with a magnetic strip and no PIN.

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When I got back to Ivan and Lars’s apartment last night at about 8:30, I started to write a blog post about the day, and I was literally nodding off as I was typing. I guess that’s what happens after a long day following just 4 hours of sleep. I woke up yesterday morning at 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. It’s interesting that I didn’t feel tired at all during the day, but I was in bed by 9:30 and I don’t remember my head even hitting the pillow.

It’s 7 a.m now, so I think I’m caught up on sleep.
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Part One: Written in the Oslo Airport

I’m not supposed to be in Oslo. But here I am.

Actually, I’m at the airport, not actually in Norway.

All seemed to be going well yesterday when we pulled away from the gate at SeaTac right on time. We taxied a while and then stopped. The pilot came on and announced that we were returning to the gate to remove a passenger who was ill. Fifteen to thirty minutes, he said.
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