My itinerary for my Central Europe trip is now settled.

After I finalized the dates and cities, JayWay came up with several options for lodging in each city. But I was not really pleased with many of the options. I was really hoping for apartment‐style lodging, but in most every instance they offered only hotels.

So I asked them to come up with some different choices, and after a few days, they updated the list. This time, I was very happy, and I made my selections. In addition, I have started buying tickets to some music performances in a few cities, with more to come as the date approaches.
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A: Gdansk
B: Warsaw
C: Kraków
D: Bratislava
E: Český Krumlov
F: Prague
G: Dresden
H: Leipzig
Total distance: nearly 2000 km (1200 miles)

That’s about twice as many places as I can reasonably expect to see in three weeks, at least the way I want to see them. The problem I keep facing with this itinerary is what to cut out of it.

Berlin, everyone tells me, deserves a week by itself, and Prague probably merits close to that. So then what else do I include?

Or do I cut Berlin? I could actually include Berlin in my Next #1 itinerary. I could do a week in Berlin, take a train to Amsterdam, spend a week there, and then hit Belgium for a week. But even then, what do I include in this itinerary?
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One of the trips I am seriously considering for my next vacation abroad is eastern Europe. After my visit to Tallinn, I think it would be amazing to spend a few weeks exploring other parts of the former Soviet bloc. There are so many alluring destinations.

Prague and Budapest are probably the most interesting cities in terms of things to do for a traveler from the United States. I was in Budapest in 1989, while it was still behind the Iron Curtain, and it would be very interesting to see it again. And people I know who’ve been to Prague say it’s wonderful. I recently caught Rick Steves’ Prague show, and it rekindled my interest in going there.
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