So yeah, I didn’t blog on days 15 and 16. Here they are in a nutshell:

Day 15

I hiked to Angels Landing in Zion National Park. (Except I didn’t go all the way to Angels Landing. I stopped at what is called Scouts Lookout or Scouts Landing. I thought the view from up there was amazing and it was a great hike.) I know I wasn’t going to post pictures from Zion, but above is the view from Scouts Lookout, where I spent about a half hour resting after the climb, chatting with other hikers, and just enjoying the scenery.

Then I did the Riverside Trail, which was a very easy walk along the river. Then I wanted to do two more hikes before departing, but it started to rain, so I left and drove to St. George. Continue reading “Retrospective”

In the last two days I drove from Telluride, Colorado, to Bryce, Utah. I drove through a number of small towns, and the much larger communities of Monticello and Blanding, Utah, and I detoured to Natural Bridges National Monument before stopping for the night in Mexican Hat, Utah. Then I continued south through Monument Valley and through the Navajo reservation, stopping for breakfast in Kayenta, Arizona, toured Lower Antelope Canyon just east of Page, Arizona, crossed the Colorado River at Glen Canyon Dam, and then reentered Utah, ending at Bryce Canyon Pines, where I’m spending two nights as a base for exploring Bryce Canyon National Park.
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I stopped for lunch yesterday (I was too exhausted to blog last night) in Gallup, New Mexico, which seems like it got stuck in time during the Route 66 era.

It was probably 70 degrees in Gallup, and I walked around in a short‐sleeve shirt. A half hour further east, I drove through a lightning storm, and then the temperature plummeted into the 30s and the rain turned to sleet, and for one stretch of about 10 miles traffic on I‐40 was crawling at 20 mph on icy/slushy pavement. Then the roads cleared and within fifteen minutes it was 70 degrees again. Who knew the weather on this trip would be so interesting?
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I stopped at a local grocery store this evening and picked up some fixin’s for dinner instead of eating at a restaurant. I did this because (1) I was too tired to sit in a restaurant and entertain myself while eating dinner; (2) I have been eating a lot of food that isn’t green, and I was craving something green, and (3) I missed the entrance to the parking lot for the restaurant I was going to, and the next turn was a local grocery store.

I bought salad fixin’s plus a bottle of wine, and I’ve already drunk most of the wine but there’s still some left, so this post will probably be incoherent, and I will probably be embarrassed that I posted it.
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My expectations of the Grand Canyon:

  1. It’s going to be hot.
  2. It’s going to be crowded and I’ll never be able to have a moment’s peace or solitude.
  3. I’ve already seen lots of pictures of it, and it’ll just look like the pictures.
  4. I won’t bother taking any pictures, because you can’t capture it in a photo.
  5. It can’t possibly be as amazing as everyone says it is.

The reality:
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Leaving Telluride, I have two days of westward travel in southern Utah and northern Arizona, ending up at Bryce, with an overnight in Mexican Hat, Utah. For these two days I plan to meander and enjoy scenery. I have a few options on which routes to take, and there are things I will have to miss in order to see other things. It also depends on how much time I want to spend in Telluride before I hit the road.
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Day One is my arrival day; Day Two is my Grand Canyon day. On Day Three I make my way to Sedona, where I spend two nights.

If I decide to take a flightseeing tour of the Grand Canyon, I’ll probably do that on the morning of Day Three. There’s one outfit that has helicopter tours starting at 8am, so I could do that and still be on the road by 9.

The drive to Sedona is between 2 and 3 hours depending on which route I take. Whichever way I go, I pass through Flagstaff, and from Flagstaff to the cabin where I’m staying in Sedona is just about an hour. So I’m thinking if I want to arrive at the cabin before dark, that gives me pretty much the full afternoon in Flagstaff, and then all of Day Four for Sedona.
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