Not content with buying new luggage, I also just bought a new camera. It is the Panasonic Lumix DMC‐ZS100. I picked it based on reviews I read online, and because it seemed like the best option within my budget. My previous camera was the much smaller and cheaper Canon ELPH.

My old camera

I was mostly happy with this camera until I got back from my Beltherway trip last year. I’d taken lots of photos with my camera and also with my phone, the LG Nexus 5X, and the pictures I took with my phone were consistently better. Plus the Canon has an annoying WiFi app that only lets me transfer 50 photos at a time and frequently fails in the middle of the transfer, and it has no GPS capability, so there’s no way of geo‐tagging my photos.

I will miss having a small pocket‐sized camera, but I think I will be happy to get better pictures from my new camera. I took a “Crash Course in Photography” at Kenmore Camera a few weeks ago and learned a lot about the basics of photography. I’m looking forward to a weekend upcoming when I can take a road trip and practice what I learned with my new camera.

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