My itinerary for my Central Europe trip is now settled.

After I finalized the dates and cities, JayWay came up with several options for lodging in each city. But I was not really pleased with many of the options. I was really hoping for apartment‐style lodging, but in most every instance they offered only hotels.

So I asked them to come up with some different choices, and after a few days, they updated the list. This time, I was very happy, and I made my selections. In addition, I have started buying tickets to some music performances in a few cities, with more to come as the date approaches.
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When I finally decide to take a trip, I don’t waste time. I’ve now gone from dreaming of a possible trip to Costa Rica to having made (almost) all my plans! I’m taking two weeks at the end of December to experience some of the highlights of this country that’s been near the top of my bucket list for a long time. And I decided to work with a CR‐based travel agency, Anywhere, for my ground arrangements.
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Shamefully, I am writing this nearly three months after returning home from South America. Once I fell behind with blogging my trip, I never got caught up. And then, after I got home and organized all my photos, I needed a little break. I went to Mexico for a week and even got those blog posts completed. But it’s been hard to get myself back into blogging mode so I could complete writing my stories from the last few destinations in South America.

So here, at last, are my adventures from Yacutinga Lodge.

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I started this post a few days ago when I was in Mexico City, but I just couldn’t get it finished while I was still away. My itinerary was completely disorganized. I had made no advance plans, read no guide books, and put together no list of must‐sees. So I was just winging it, and between all the winging, I found little time for writing.

So rather than doing a chronicle of my 2 1/2 days in La Ciudad de México (or just México, which is how the locals refer to their capital city, or in writing, “CDMX,” which you see all over the city, on taxis and pedicabs, on official buildings, on tourist kiosks, and on the temporary ice rink they erected in the Plaza de la Constitución, as you see in the photo above), I’m just going to share a few experiences and my impressions of what I saw and did. Consider this to be a random wandering around a small part of Mexico City — which is exactly what my trip was.
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Christmas in Tepoztlan

At one point yesterday, as I was wandering aimlessly around Tepoztlan thinking about what I should do next, I let go.

I let go of the need to do anything next. Of the need to have an agenda.

I can’t recall when I’ve ever done this before on a vacation. But this is the entire reason I decided to come here. And it’s starting to work.
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